Our Vision Hydro is a store for growers, from growers. Because we work hard to supply you with the most complete and current product catalog, we tend to make your growing experience easier and more enjoyable. We offer a huge line of quality brands like; Growers Choice, AC Infintiy, Green Gro, Hanna Instruments, Cultural Biologix, Elite 91, PowerSi, Mammoth P, and many more, which are all designed to help your growing experience be as easy as possible, yet of the highest quality to best serve your needs. From complete set ups to just an accessory, we have your covered. Our Vision Hydro is your one stop shop.

This has always been Our Vision to see this Medical Cannabis thing come to flourish. I remember you couldn’t go into a store a day the wrong word referring cannabis or you would be get kicked out. As long as I can remember, I’ve spoke out for the rights of the citizens to natural substances over man made, and now almost 30 years later, here we are. I’m proud to share this experience with all my supporters and look forward to being able to provide anyone and everyone with the best opportunity to grow your own Natural Medicine or Food, with no doubts of what’s in it! Because you made it with love! Thank you for opportunity to share this experience with you!– Shawn