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Elite 91 Flowers 1000ml


Elite 91 FLOWERS –



● Elite 91 FLOWERS is formulated and engineered using cutting edge Phosphite Technology. In contrast to phosphate, the unique molecular structure of phosphite is readily and easily absorbed by the roots and leaves of the plant, allowing for instant uptake of potassium and phosphorous. Research and trials have proven that phosphites increase flowering sites, crop yield and fruit size while boosting plant immune systems.

Elite 91 FLOWERS contains a carefully calibrated balance of phosphates, phosphites, and potassium, which are intended to stimulate flowering, root development and resistance to disease. These necessary and essential nutrients are combined with just enough nitrogen to facilitate greater nutrient uptake, growth, fruit set and allow for a more uniformed and vigorous dominant plant structure.

Elite 91 FLOWERS unique “component stacking” chemistry and phosphite technology allows for incredible product concentration levels. At a dilution ratio as small as 1:1000, Elite 91 FLOWERS can increase PPMs by 500-600, allowing for maximum effectiveness. Using Elite 91 FLOWERS throughout the flowering phase can produce larger fruit and flower setting with higher brix levels. It can also contribute to greater resin/terpene production, fibers/filaments and sugars. Elite 91 FLOWERS helps to improve the natural taste, flavor, shelf life, aroma and terpene profile while enhancing the overall appearance, quality and colors of the end product.

GROWERS TIP: Use Elite 91 FLOWERS with every feeding or nutrient change out in the last 1 to 2 weeks of the vegetative phase at 0.25 ML – 1 ML per gallon to provide for a larger, denser & more efficient/resilient root mass, while promoting thicker, larger, more healthy dominant branching and/or plant growth.


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