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Growers Choice ROI-e720


The Growers Choice ROI-E720 LED grow light is the next generation of high-intensity commercial horticulture LED fixtures.  It is the most powerful full-spectrum LED light in its class. Its PAR output comes standard of 1870-1924 umol/m2/s PPF and an additional “Boost” mode that raises the output to 2050 umol/m2/s.  This boost will provide the ultimate light output that the real professional growers require.  With its larger dimensions the ROI-E720 provides better canopy coverage suitable for large indoor grow space, the full spectrum ROI-E720 meets all demands of growers looking for a natural light spectrum, while consuming less energy and reducing operating costs.

  • High Efficiency: With a total output of 1870-1924 μmol/s and a wattage draw of 740-800 watts, the ROI-E720 has a 2.6 μmol/J system efficacy. So you save about  40% on electricity costs compared to HID. Additionally, lower heat output cuts cooling requirements by up to 40%.
  • Provides Full Control: The onboard dimming function lets you adjust the light output down to 100%, 75%, 50%, or 25% when plants don’t need the full power, cutting down on your electricity costs.
  • Even Light Distribution: Because of the large 8-bar design size, the light from the fixture travels evenly across the grow space, without losing intensity.
  • 3-Year Warranty & Safety Certified: Rugged, waterproof housing makes it ideal for use in wet and humid environments.  Backed with a 3-year warranty.
  • Controller Available: Compatible with Grower’s Choice Master Lighting Controller

The specially deployed GC-3K full phase spectrum fills the lack of the main photoreceptors and pigments outside the 660-450nm range. The GC 3k spectrum is very close to natural sunlight. The modest blues, extra red, and UV light exceed the photosynthetic needs of your plants during the flowering phase and increase the yields.

Due to the 8-bar design and a small fixture that sends light from the center, the light travels at the same distance to reach all corners. The manufacturer recommends the ROI-E720 for a 4’x4′ to 5’x5′ footprint, hanging at a distance of 8” above the canopy. For larger grow space and if your plants are in the vegetation stage, you can hang it 6-24” above the canopy.

This LED grow light features top bin OSRAM diodes that are considered the best diodes in the industry. These diodes have an incredible lifespan of 54,000 hours. Some of these diodes are 660nm, which is extremely beneficial for flowering. The grow light is passively cooled, so there are no active cooling fans consuming extra wattage.

You can use it with the Grower’s Choice Master Lighting controller for better control over a timed on/off, sunrise/sunset, and temperature readings.

The ROI-E720 LED grow light has several safety certifications, including  ETL, CE certification, and IP65 waterproof. Also, the light comes with a 3-year factory warranty from Grower’s Choice.

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Make the BEST Return On Investment with the ROI-E720.
The Proven Commercial Grade Solution for the highest
yields & quality in the industry. BOOST your results with the
most powerful LED in its class by far. This premier fixture
provides outstanding and consistent canopy coverage even
to the outer edges of a 4ft x 4ft cultivation space. The
reliability, performance, and safety of this fixture stands above
the rest of the competition with its IP65 water-resistant rating,
UL 8800 certification, and DLC listing for energy efficiency
making it eligible for energy rebates. This already versatile
fixture is now even more capable with the introduction of
our UV-R supplemental light bars exclusive to the ROI-E720.
Now more than ever before the Right Choice for cultivators who demand the BEST!



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