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Pride Lands “Veg” by Green Gro (6-3-3.5) 5lbs



Derived from feather meal, bat guano, fish meal, seabird guanos, oyster shell, alfalfa meal, volcanic ash, blood meal, crab meal, rock phosphate, fish bone meal, glacial rock dust, sulfate of potash, langbeinite, kelp meal.

Soil amending ingredients: wood biochar

Glomus intraradices: 1.7 spores per g.
Glomus deserticola: 0.4 spores per g.
Glomus etunicatem: 0.4 spores per g.
Glomus clarum: 0.4 spores per g.

Bacillus subtilis: 2.0 X 108 CFUs per g.
Bacillus licheniformis: 9.0 X 107 CFUs per g.
Bacillus amyloliquefaceans: 6.0 X 107 CFUs per g.
Bacillus megaterium: 1.0 X 106 CFUs per g.
Bacillus polymyxa: 4.0 X 106 CFUs per g.

Our Pride Lands Veg food is a premium blend of dry amendments, microbes, biochar, and mycorrhiza. Building on our commitment to utilizing turn of the century farming methods and Native American agriculture, this fertilizer blend contains the best quality ingredients to supercharge your garden and give your plants a large head start. We highly recommend using this product in and with microbial compost teas each week. Take pride in your soil with Pride Lands Veg food.


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